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Stainless Cake Slicer

Stainless Cake Slicer

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Professionally Slice Your Cake In The Simplest Way 

Forget your traditional way of slicing cake. It does the cutting and the serving all at once so you cut your hosting time in half. 

No more kids complaining about uneven serves, keep everyone happy at the table and still look like a professional hostess and server.


✅ ANYONE CAN USE IT: This slicer cuts through baked goods like butter and yet it has no sharp edges and is completely kid and elderly-friendly. Gets the entire family in on the slicing fun!

✅ SAY BYE TO MESSY SLICES: Imagine a piece of cake that doesn’t fall apart on its way from the mother station to your plate.. its a beautiful thought & now its reality!

✅ A PERFECT GIFT IDEA: This lightweight steel slicer makes for an amazing gift for any occasion where a cake or something delicious that needs to be sliced and served!

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