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Dog SeatBelt™

Dog SeatBelt™

Our popular Dog SeatBelt™ allows your furry friend to move around safely and comfortably while you focus on driving.

🐾 Suitable for the front or back seat.
🐾 Adjustable tether: one-size-fits-all.
🐾 Unique elastic bungee is designed to absorb shock.

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(We already gave away more than 5000 Seat Belts and our stock is running low)

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Do you want to keep your pet safe while traveling by car?

Enjoy outings with your cherished canine companion without worry. We understand the joy of bringing your cherished canine companion along on family outings. Introducing Dog SeatBelt™ – the solution for safe travels with your pet. Its innovative design ensures comfort and security, whether in the front or back seat. Durable, adjustable, and suitable for pets of all sizes. Embark on a secure and joyful journey with Dog SeatBelt™. 🐾

What's Included in Our Feature-Rich Pet Seatbelt Package...

🐾 Tested and Verified: Dog SeatBelt™ seatbelts have undergone testing by tens of thousands of dogs worldwide and the numbers are still growing.

🐾 Adjustable Comfort: Our seatbelt can be effortlessly adjusted from 50 to 70 cm, featuring a bungee cord design that minimizes shock during sudden movements.

🐾 360° Swivel Clasp: The clasp, with a 360° rotation capability, is purposefully designed to prevent any leash entanglement when your dog shifts around.

🐾 Fits Any Vehicle: Our seatbelt utilizes the standard car seatbelt buckle, making it compatible with the majority of compact cars, SUVs, and trucks.

  • Michelle B 

    "It gives me peace of mind that my dog is securely fasted in the back seat so I can concentrate on the road."

  • Erin R

    "This presents an excellent gift choice for dog owners. It's an essential item that everyone should have – a clear choice. Highly valuable."

  • Tiana B 

    "My dog thoroughly enjoys poking his head out of the window, and with this seatbelt, I'm reassured that he won't accidentally fall out!"

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How Do I Properly Secure My Dog with the Seatbelt?

We've got you covered! To ensure your dog's safety and comfort, follow these steps when using our Dog Car Seat Belt™:

  1. Attach the seat belt clip to your dog's harness, not their collar.
  2. Adjust the length of the seat belt to allow your dog to sit, stand, and lie down comfortably.
  3. Buckle the other end of the seat belt into the regular seat belt buckle of your car.
  4. Avoid attaching the seat belt to your dog's leash or collar, as this could lead to injury.

Remember, our product's adjustable design and secure clasp provide a safe travel experience for your furry friend.

Is It Mandatory to Secure Dogs with Seatbelts?

The legal requirements vary based on your location, but the use of dog seat belts is gaining global recognition. Apart from enhancing safety during accidents, these belts contribute to focused driving. In nations like the UK, driving with an unrestrained dog can result in significant fines.

Will This Fit in My Vehicle?

Absolutely! Our car dog seat belt is compatible with all vehicles equipped with standard seat belt buckle fittings.

Do I Have to Purchase a Specific Size?

No need. Our seat belt is adjustable in length and designed to be one-size-fits-all.

What Are Your Guarantee, Warranty, and Returns Policies?

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our products are backed by our Dog Car Seat Belt™ Promise, ensuring that if you or your pet are not satisfied with our items, you can return them within 90 days for a complete refund.

For Dog Car Seat Belt™ products, a 12-month guarantee is provided from the date of purchase, covering defects in materials and workmanship.