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Curls&Waves™ - Hair Curler

Curls&Waves™ - Hair Curler

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Curls&Waves™ is the #1 Cordless curler, designed for perfect curls on the go! Our sleek & innovative technology allows you to achieve your dream curls in minutes. The ionic ceramic coating protects your hair from damage. Suitable for all hair types and lengths! 

Your Portable Hairstyler

Your unique hairstyle: Choose your timer and temperature settings to achieve perfect curls, just the way you want them.

​Use it on the go: Lightweight, cordless and compact design. Use it everywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery.

Damageless : Ionic Ceramic Coating technology provides better heat distribution and prevents damage to sensitive hair.

​Completely automatic: Simply press the power button and let your hair roll smoothly into the barrel.

What you'll love

Anti-Tangle Technology

The automatic reverse rotation system prevents the risk of tangled hairy. If you put in too much hair in the barrel, it will automatically stop & reverse.

Ionic Ceramic Coating

We use ionic Ceramic technology to protect from heat damage, even on thin, fragile, or color-treated hair to deliver glossy, healthy-looking curls every time.


Auto-Lock System

The device switches off automatically after 10 minutes when not in use.


HeatProof Body

The outside part is coated to prevent from burning your skin to ensure your comfort & safety of use.


Perfect Curls On The Go!

Compact and easy to carry design! Easily fits into your handbag or suitcase to follow you on vacation, weekend trips, or from your office to the club!

  Heats up quickly
​60-minutes of working time
​Easy Recharge with a USB cable
Lightweight, compact & cordless

    What's in the Box?

    How to use...

    The automatic technology will wrap around your hair automatically in a safe and easy way. 

    By just pressing one button and waiting 8 seconds, you’ll be able to achieve SMOOTH curls in under 10 minutes that last all day.

    4 Simple Steps



    Press and hold the power button until the screen turns on. Adjust your heat, time, and direction setting.


    Insert a segment of hair in the barrel then press and hold the oval button and let your hair drawn in. You will hear beeping sounds.


    When the beeping sound stops and the barrel has stopped rotating, release the button and leave hair until it stops beeping. 


    Then simply pull the Curler down to see the results.

    Effortless Style

    With Curls&Waves™ you are in control! Create your own style by adjusting the temperature and timer settings. The results are silky, dreamy curls, just the way you want them. 

     Suitable for ALL hair types
    ​6 Timer settings
    ​6 Adjustable heat settings
    ​​Long-lasting Results

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can my hair get caught in the curler?

    Curls&Waves™ has an anti-tangle system to prevent hair to get caught while in use. So if for any reason you took too much hair into the barrel, the system will shut off and immediately release the wick. 

    Are there any risks of damaging my hair?

    No, the temperature setting between 150 and 200 degrees allows you to choose the best option for your hair, whether it is thin, coloured, or fragile. Furthermore, the ionic ceramic technology offers an even heat distribution to protect the hair while reducing the application time.

    Does it work with shorter hair?

    Yes it gives a tight curl in shorter hair so you would only need to use it for a few seconds, rather than 10+ seconds on long hair

    Can I use it on wet hair?

    No, Curls&Waves™ is meant to be used only on dry hair.

    What if I forget to turn off my hair curler?

    Don’t worry, the built-in auto-lock system will switch it off automatically after 10 minutes when not in use.

    How long is the battery life?

    The battery operating time is 60 minutes when used at 180°C

    How do I charge my hair curler?

    Simply plug your Micro USB cable into the hair curler and connect it to your laptop, car, or any USB charger.

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