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Baby Knee Pads Set

Baby Knee Pads Set

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Anti-slip and Avoid Scratches
These crawling knee pads can protect the baby's knees from scratches and scratches when they first learn to crawl and walk, and make the baby brave; the smiley face pattern helps the baby move smoothly, suitable for any season

Breathable and Comfortable
The baby knee pads are designed with high elastic sponge, which is soft to wear, very breathable, absorbs sweat, deodorizes for a long time, and eliminates knee discomfort.

Full of Elasticity
Elastic knee pads for a perfect fit on your baby's knees or elbows; If they are a little tight to your baby, you can pull with your hands to loose them before wearing.

Fits Most Babies
The knee pads are unisex and fits most babies, Usual for 1~3 years old baby. The material is safe, non-toxic and non-irritating, it will not make the baby itchy, and make parents more assured.

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