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4 In 1 Dog Water Bottle & Food Storage

4 In 1 Dog Water Bottle & Food Storage

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The Upgraded 4-in-1 One Portable Water Bottle Conveniently Stores Your Dog’s Treats, Poop Bags & Water Ready For Use When Out Walking, Hiking & Traveling Long Distances.


✅ Convenient: The bottle’s COMPACT design means that it can EASILY fit into your backpack for outdoor walking. With this bottle, you’ll never forget your poop bags, treats or water ever again!

✅ No Water Waste: The unused water can be SIMPLY poured back into the container by pressing the water lock key, meaning you can SAVE it for later.

✅ Durable & Safe: The portable dog water bottle is made of ANTI-BACTERIAL ABS food-grade material. Its BPA-free grading keeps your dog SAFE from toxins.

✅ Easy To Use: The ERGONOMIC design means that you can EASILY operate the bottle with only one hand. SIMPLY press the water key to release the liquid, then press it again to pour to return the excess water back into the container.

✅ Leak Proof: Tired of leaking water bottles? The high-quality silica gel ring and SECURE locking mechanism ensure NO LEAKAGE occurs.

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