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Dog Hair Dryer + Brush

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“This blow dryer for my dog is such a fun way for my family to interact with my dog and for him to dry faster after a bath or being outside. This is essentially a two in one of a brush and a blow dryer, how can you beat that! I am so happy with this purchase for my pets, we will use this all year round. This would be a fabulous gift for any pet owners or anyone with new pets to the family. The price is fantastic for how good of quality it is, and how useful it is! I would highly recommend this pet hair dryer!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Natalie

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Dogs are one of the most cherished things in life, however they can be a lot of work to take care of. Grooming a dog can be a very difficult experience, as well as being extremely time consuming due to untangling and drying their fur. Unfortunately for the pup's human friend, this can end up resulting in costly grooming service bills which could have been avoided with the proper tool.

SmartGroomer™ combines an effective dog dryer and brush into one convenient tool utilizing advanced grooming technology. With this two in one device drying and brushing a dog is extremely easy and will have the dog looking like a million bucks. Experience the joy of saving time and precious energy, as well as providing a happy experience for that furry friend!  


✅ SAVES TIME: By using SmartGroomer™ drying and brushing a dog can be done simultaneously. The two in one tool makes dog grooming a speedy process, saving precious moments and energy! 

✅ REDUCES STRESS: SmartGroomer™ features a user-friendly design and a low noise drying function. These incredible perks create a stress-free experience for both parties and allow for faster grooming times!

✅ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: SmartGroomer™ weighs in at only 13 ounces and is 11 inches in length. The compact and lightweight grooming tool allows for easy usage and storage! 

✅ ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: The all-in-one grooming tool includes a Low and High heat setting, which are optimized based on dog’s size and drying needs. By using SmartGroomer™ enjoy speedy drying times and fluffier hair! 

✅ SAFETY FEATURES: With comfort in mind, SmartGroomer™ features tips on the comb that prevent scratching and a hair filter at the bottom to avert overheating. These incredible features provide a safe and gentle grooming experience for that special furry friend!


We understand how time consuming it is to achieve the perfect dog grooming experience. Brushing and drying a dog can be extremely stressful, and in an all too busy world finding time to do so is increasingly difficult. Recent studies show that sprucing up a dog’s coat takes more than an hour long and is viewed as a negative experience by dog owners! 

Thankfully, with SmartGroomer™ drying and brushing a dog has been made extremely easy and stress free thanks to its time saving design! The all-in-one grooming tool combines a dog hair dryer and brush into one convenient device, allowing for both tasks to be done simultaneously. Enjoy its immense benefits such as faster fur maintenance, better results and user-friendly design with this incredible tool! 



Product Name: SmartGroomer™ A Dog Dryer + Brush

Product Color: White/Green

Brush Material: ABS and Stainless Steel

Product Size: 24.5x 12 .5x 6.5mm


(1) SmartGroomer™ Dog Dryer + Brush

(1) Instruction Manual

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