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Pastry Baking Mat

Pastry Baking Mat

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Your Baking Adventure Has Never Been This Easier With This Pastry Baking Mat! 

It is amazingly flexible and non-stick! You'll never have to use grease to get your baked dishes off it. Makes an ideal surface for dough prep and it's a perfect accessory for any baker. 

An easy and simple way to make your baking more enjoyable and hassle-free!


✅ ALL-IN-ONE MEASUREMENTS: Inches and centimetres, diameter. Temperature conversions of Celsius and Fahrenheit.  Weight conversions of g/kg, and oz./lb. Volume conversions of ml/l and fl oz./pt.

✅ PERFECT YOUR DOUGH: Save your time measuring your perfect dough. This mat is definitely everything you need!

✅ DURABLE AND EASILY WASHABLE: Nothing stays stuck to the mat and can last you for a lifetime of baking

  • Blue and Pink (Medium): 19 x 15 inch.
  • Classic (Large): 23.6 x 15.7 inch.

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