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Connect 4 Shots Game

Connect 4 Shots Game

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Join thousands of happy families creating unforgettable memories with the HappyKids - Connect 4 bouncing ball game. The perfect gift that will get any kids active, improving their hand-eye coordination, while also having hours of endless fun. 


Winter Is coming & our game is the perfect activity to take up on rainy, snowy days. Any family can hours of fun all in the comfort of your home.


Get your kids away from their phones, tv, or any screen & let them enjoy some competitive, physical & exciting activity.


The perfect family Christmas game will let you bond with your kids & have incredible fun. creating memories that will last a lifetime.

We have designed the game to be extremely simple to set up, the kids will be able able to do it themselves. It can also easily be folded away to be used again another time.

How To Play 

The Connect 4 Shots game combines the gameplay of the Connect 4 game with fast-paced, competitive excitement. Two players at a timed race to get 4 balls of their color in a row to win. It's easy to play and super exciting as players keep bouncing the balls into the grid at rapid-fire speed. If players have bounced all the balls into the grid but neither got 4 in a row, bounce the tiebreaker orange ball to determine the winner. Just 2 players are needed to play a game. Kids can also practice solo to prepare for a future Connect 4 Shots matchup.

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